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The idea is sometimes better than the art itself. I am glad to say that in this situation that the art is done on a adequate and solid ...


A Birthday Dance
My belated gift for HypnoDreamSearcher courtesy of Shennanigma , with the usual brand of sexy and silly I enjoy making so much. Now, we sit and wait for Blondie to take her sweet delicious revenge...
A Change in Direction
Given the sudden dip in intrest for My Little Pony, Luna decides in order to save the show, they must go into a new direction. She calls for Dash and Twilight, who are eager to help. Luna proceeds to alter them to suit their new target audience, the latex fetish scene, and changes the main cast into Dream Searcher and Bass Canon, the who perfect new stars of this new mature show.

Draw by the ever excellent Shennanigma 

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It had been two years now that Starfire was with the Titans. The transition wasn't smooth by any means, but it seemed she was finally settling in and adjusting to life on Earth. Sure, she still had some awkward social moments, but the others have accepted that as one of her traits. Starfire viewed them as her family. If only her real one wasn't so evil…

Meanwhile, on Asylum, a prison planet in deep space, the sirens for a prison escape were sounding. A lone cargo ship was leaving it's atmosphere. Inside, a tall black-haired Tamarean girl was at the pilot seat. “Well Sis, I think a family reunion is in order.” she said, while looking at a peculiar red crystal, which was sitting on the main dashboard, pulsating with some strange energy.

Two weeks later…

It was a Friday, and usual on those nights, Starfire was sitting alone on the Tower roof, looking at the star studded sky and curing her home-sickness, as she would say, even though Raven said numerous times that home sickness can never be truly cured unless you really go home. But that didn't concern Star, as she let her mind wander to faraway places. It also happens that this Friday it will be a year when they captured Blackfire. Of all the fights, this was the hardest one. Not for the fight itself, but for the disappointment she had in her big sister. Ever she can remember, she was trying to stop her from doing bad deeds on their home planet. Shoplifting, beating people up, vandalism etc. It seemed no matter Starfire tried, her sister would attempt to cheat her way to wealth. Suddenly, a cloth appeared around her mouth, drenched in some sort of liquid. The smell was so strong and disgusting, the Teen Titan went unconscious in a matter of seconds.

”Well Sis, you should be more careful. But then again, we both know who is the better sibling.” - said Blackfire, while standing over the motionless body of her your sister.

”I better get you to the warehouse before your friends notice you are missing.” And with that said, she grabbed  Star and flew to the Jump City Docks.

Star woke up with a massive headache and rope around her waist. It seems she was tied to a chair, which itself was nailed to the floor.

”I'm sorry Sis, but this warehouse is a strict no-fly zone.” - said Blackfire while creeping in the only lit up part of the whole space.

”Big Sister! But aren't you in jail, serving for your crimes?” - Star jelled.

”I got on good behavior.” - Black said with a sly smile.

“I don't think you are telling the truth”.

“Wow, it seems you got a little more common sense since we last met.”

“What do you want?” - said the smaller Tamarean with a pulsating stare.

“Oh, usually I would just try to kill you and your friends for revenge for capturing me and putting me to rot on that filthy prison planet, but due to recent developments in that said prison, I found a even better way of exacting my said revenge on you Teen Titans.”

“Recent events?” - Star's angry expression changed into one of confusion

“Yes. You see, because the inmates of Asylum are the worst criminals of the Galaxy, which I'm proud to be considered to be one, we are also serving as test subjects for various new, potentially life threatening gadgets for the GJS (Galaxy Justice System), such as this little beauty.”, Blackfire picked up the red crystal, and showed it to her younger sister.

“But what does that red… thing have to do with me and my friends?” - Star said with a dose of fear in her voice.

“Well you see Sis, this little gadget is called a PMC, or the Personality Manipulation Crystal, but the guards liked to call it simply “Mind Shaper”. With this red bundle of joy, a inmate's inhibitions could be changed, their moral level, and even, well sexual tendencies.” - Black was now sweating with anticipation.

“What? You want to change my personality? Never! My friends will be any second and rescue me, and then we will defeat you!” - Star was now visibly trying to free herself form the rope and chair.

“I guess you would be right. The PMC does have a weakness, or at least I thought it had. Not two days before my escape, while on cleaning duty, I overheard a conversation of the two main scientists on the project. I knew already that the process of remolding a personality was long and tedious, because I had to wear one for a month before that.”

“You don't seem to have changed much.”

“Well, besides of a love for small animals, I'm still the bad old me. No stop interrupting your big sister. As I was saying, in the conversation the project leader said to his first colleague that sexual stimulation speeds the process from some two years to a mere hour.” - Blackfire said, and approached Starfire with a sway of the hips.

“No! Stop! We are sisters Blackfire!”, Starfire was now panicking in her chair.

“That makes it even more…bad.”

“But this won't work in time. I don't like girls, and for you to change this would take too much time.” -Star was making up excuses, just to keep Blackfire and the PMC away from her.

“Oh please, I've been watching you for two weeks now! You really think I didn't notice those stares at Raven? You want her more than Robin. The purple haired magician is totally your type!”

“What,I never…” -  a blush came over Star's cheeks

“Now Sis,it's time for you to get into the family business.”

Blackfire places the crystal right on Starfire's chest, which started to pulsate with a blinding red light. The frequency increased as Star's willpower started to drop. After two minutes, the crystal was shining red, and Star stopped to struggle. Blackfire turned on the other lights in the warehouse, only to reveal an alien computer sitting right behind her.

The monitor was mostly black, with green text that read:

Accessing Memory Bank……done

Constructing Profile Matrix…..done

Subject: TM-0034 “Starfire”

Race: Tamarean

Age: 18

Sex: Female

Moral(1-100) : 94

Physical Strength(1-100) : 43

Mental Strength(1-100) : 76

Friends: “BeastBoy”, “Cyborg”, “Terra”

Love Interests: “Robin”, “Raven”

Enemies: “Slade” , “Blackfire”, “Jinx”

Motivations: Kindness, Love, Vengeance

Demotivations : Hate, Evil, Dominance

Sexual Orientation : Bisexual

Sexual Fetishes: Boots

“Well Sis, I always suspected you and I liked boots. I mean, why would anyone wear thigh high boots and not like them? Am I right?” - said Blackfire with a rhetoric tone.

“O.K. Now to adjust these parameters. Let's see, moral is overrated, right Sis? How about 10? Yes, that sounds just enough for you not to become some serial killer maniac. After all, we are family. And this Robin character really isn't what you need. Raven I kinda like too, so we'll keep her. Kindness also isn't really my forte, so I guess neither shall it be yours…” Blackfire thought aloud.

After some 10-15 minutes of contemplating and adjusting sliders, Blackfire was happy with the results. She was already wet with anticipation. Corrupting her younger sister into a mirror image of herself was like a dream come true. Oh the evil they will surely create. She confirmed the changes and the PMC Protocol started on the big screen:

Running PMCP….

In order the service to run properly the subject needs to be in wake state. Would you like to wake the subject up? ……Yes.

Waking the subject….done.

Starfire woke up, with a headache similar to the one she had not 2 hours ago. She was still alive, and it seemed she was still the same person. Maybe her friends have saved her? That thought soon disappeared as Blackfire came from the right side in her line of vision.

“Alright Star, it's time for a makeover.” Blackfire said as she leaned against her sister.

Starfire tried to turn away from her, but the forceful hand of the older sister turned her head around, just in time for a kiss on the lips. She tried to move away, but with each passing moment her struggling got weaker. Seconds felt like hours to her, the soft tongue of her black-haired sister playing with hers, dancing in her mouth, toying with it until finally, Blackfire backed away, leaving Star leaning towards her, desperate to keep the bond intact.

“I see the sexual drive has increased. Sis, for a goody two-shoes, you have quite a kinky kissing style.” - the tall Tamarean said, licking her lips, savoring her sister saliva. Star could only sit there silently, blushing from the fact that she enjoyed the kiss, even more than the one she gave Robin last week.

“Now for the main course…” - Blackfire said as she approached her prey

“No please, don't do this to me!” - Star said, turning her head away from her sister.

“Oh, still fighting the urges I see. I shouldn't be surprised, you are my blood after all. But now that your sexual drive is increased, even a mere seductive touch would be enough…”

As she said it, her gloved hand glided softly over Star's exposed stomach, making her moan and pant.

“Ah …. no … please … big sis..” - Star tried to talk her sister out of it, but the intense feeling that her sister's touch gave her was making it hard to think, let alone say something.

Blackfire then placed her hands under Star's purple top, grabbing her breasts, squeezing them and massaging her nipples. That is when Star's voice stopped. Her head ached back, and her heart was racing. She was about to have the orgasm of her life.

Seeing this, Blackfire quickly pulled out, leaving Star in a state of near orgasm.

“Sis… ahh …what… are you doing?” - she said, still panting, begging for release.

“Come on, say it, you know you want to.” Blackfire teased.

“What … do you …  mean?” Stafire inquired, still begging for her sister’s touch.

“Your mouth may be in denial, but your pussy is saying yes.”

Starfire looked down, only to find a small puddle of her own most sacred juices on the floor. She was so ashamed, but her shame was no match for her need to feel the sweet embrace of an orgasm.

“I want you sister to ravage my pussy, say it!”

Tears began to form a new, but Starfire’s will to stop was already gone.

“I want you to ravage my pussy!” she screamed, and her sister obliged, wearing a wicked smile.

Blackfire licked her sisters folds to perfection, and she gazed upon Starfire’s clitoris. Without hesitation, she bit the throbbing sphere, and sealed her sisters’ fate, as Starfire’s mind collapsed under the intensity of the orgasm her kin provided her.

Optimal metal state for overwrite achieved… initiate conversion.

As the program invaded deep into Starfire’s mind, every act of kindness and good will was being distorted into one of villainy and the sexual pleasure she received from doing such heinous acts. Her love for her friends destroyed, until only her sister, and Raven to some extent remained. She gained skill in manipulation and thievery, as the last pieces of her old self was terminated forever.

A wicked laugh filled the room, but this time coming from the younger Tamarean.

“Good morning, sis. You slept well I see.” Blackfire said with a coy smile.

“Weird to feel so good after a nightmare. I had this wild idea I was a goody girl, trying to stop you, imagine that.”

“Very weird.”

“I didn’t tell you to stop licking Black.”

“My bad sis, it is your anniversary after all on Earth here. To think you spent all this time trying to seduce that Raven girl.”

“What can I say, I am a sucker for bad girls.”

“She is a Teen Titan sis.”

“Oh she is bad, she just doesn’t see it yet.”

“Well, I think my other present will seal the deal. I was in the Latexium System on my way over here, and I borrowed a jar of black MCL.”

“Wow, thank sis.” Starfire smiled, and kissed her lover passionately.

“Your job is just to place it instead of her usual costume, and we are golden.”

“Can’t wait to see that wardrobe malfunction.”

The two thieve laughed maniacally, and went into bed, as the moon shined brightly and the silence on the docks was pierced by moans and sounds of sisterly love.


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